Despite this picture, I think The Master would be the one who liked The Doctor more, despite always pushing him away.
I also think the Doctor would top, so you can pretty much ignore my weird theories.

I tried making a comic tee-hee…( ´∀ `)enjoy~…

You’re a genius. You’re stone cold brilliant, you are, I swear, you really are. But you could be so much more. You could be beautiful.


I love this <3


The Master doesn’t like to share his food (poor Doctor, he’s hungry)



Here’s some more podfic from the people who brought you Kept Man series 1! (That’s me).

Title: Kept Man: Series 1-3 Shalka Redux (this part - series 2)
Written and read by: aralias
Characters/Pairings: This part Ten/Shalka!Master, with Rose and Mickey
Rating: R
Word Count: This part 11,000ish
Summary: Summary: In ‘Scream of the Shalka’, REG!Doctor (the ninth Doctor who almost was) was seen travelling round the universe with a robotic Master for no apparent reason. The ninth Doctor (who actually was) has a much better reason for travelling with a robotic Master given that his entire race are dead. This fic assumes that he was and that the Master just kept out of sight so as not to alarm anyone.
Series 2, from Christmas Invasion (again) to Runaway Bride

Notes: Series 1 of the podfic is here.
Text: Christmas special // Series 2

Mini parts
5.5 ‘And I Wandered Around’
6. ‘Tell me honestly: am I irritating you yet?’
7. ‘As always you are at least two things at once’
8. ‘In time I hope you’ll allow me my eccentricities.’
9. ‘Listening to him being right all the time when I had the option of a slow, painful death.’
10. ‘I can’t do this any more.’

All series 2


(followup for this piece)

The Master had been lying still on the floor of his cell, silent, for some time. Staring up at the nasty ceiling, he was still recovering from the dizziness of attempting to walk around earlier. Unfortunately, while the Doctor’s medicine had helped, it wasn’t quite enough to get him back on his feet. But another dose would likely do the trick. It seemed to help him recover the strength that had been steadily been leaking from his body. Yes, it had even made him unopposed to taking food from the guards, and he had been in a bit of a good mood – and, by that, he meant he hadn’t tried to strangle the guard that had come in to check on him earlier.

Well, that was simply the way he worked.

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"I’m a time lord disgrace."
For anon who wanted Theta and Simm!Master.